“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” said the Wizard of Oz as he frantically manipulated the wizard controls, grabbed the curtain, and shooed Toto.

Likewise, behind the computer…behind the blog…there’s me. I’m Roberta Niederjohn, the SDSU Library’s marketing and communications specialist and administrator of this blog. I’ve worked at the library since August 2001, designing graphics, sending out press releases, creating Web pages, taking photographs, penning the newsletter, and now, writing this blog and Twittering news and events.

I created this blog to give readers the full picture of the SDSU Library and to have a platform where I could provide greater details about the many events and services available at this library. And to have fun. If I manage to inform, inspire, enlighten, entertain, or amuse you, then I’ve achieved my goal!

You’ll also be hearing from Linda Salem, the SDSU Library’s assistant head of Reference Services. Linda’s subject specialties include children’s literature, comparative literature, education, and Russian language and literature. She has been the architect behind some of the library’s most popular events, such as the “Celebration of Kid’s Books” in April 2010 and the very successful Harry Potter discussion series “Thursdays with Harry” in summer 2007.