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Located in the heart of the SDSU campus, the San Diego State University Library and Information Access supports the research and curricular needs of the university community through the development of collections and the provision of services designed to facilitate access to information. Voted the best library in San Diego by San Diego Magazine, the library itself has become the intellectual hub for the SDSU campus community, each year offering talks, lectures, tours, and a dozen exhibits. Spanning more than 500,000 square feet, with more than 3,000 seats for study and research, the library’s importance to students, faculty, staff, and individuals living in the San Diego region is documented by more than 2.2 million annual visits. A new wing for the library was dedicated in 1996, adding a striking library “dome,” which quickly became a landmark on campus.
SDSU Library
The library is open to the public 24-hours per day, except on holidays, recess dates, and between 1:00 a.m.-7:00 a.m., when access is restricted to SDSU students and affiliates. More information about library hours on the Hours Web page. The library’s Web site provides access, within the library and remotely, to the library’s catalog, electronic books, and over 79,301 electronic resources.

The library’s holdings include 1,726,854 monographs and bound periodicals; 630,300 government documents; 4,643,296 microforms; 142,161 maps; 23,525 sound and video recordings; and 6,121 linear feet of archival papers. The library receives 79,301 periodical and serial titles, including government publications. It is a depository for United States and California government publications, and holds selected United Nations publications.

The Special Collections and University Archives Department houses rare, fine, unique and valuable books, periodicals, manuscripts, and documents that require security and care in handling. The collections consist of approximately 60,000 rare books and manuscripts, more than 500 archival collections, and more than 500,000 other items, such as photographs, art prints, postcards, memorabilia, etchings, and oral histories.