Screen shot of the Bram Stoker video

Screen shot of the Bram Stoker video

If you find that you’ve got time on your hands now that finals are over, check out the library’s new acquisition: 512 streaming educational videos by Ambrose Video. Science, literature, history, religion…it’s all there. Videos of BBC Shakespeare plays, the complete history of U.S. Wars, great authors of the British Isles, and the quantum nature of the atom, to name only a few. I watched the videos about Bram Stoker, author of Dracula, and Cabrillo National Monument. I had no idea that the last undisturbed piece of Southern California’s native chaparral plant community exists at Cabrillo National Monument. I bet you didn’t, either.

Some of the series have downloadable PDFs providing more information about the subject, such as the PDF titled “Directions to National Monuments – The Geologic West” accompanying the Cabrillo video.

To access the videos from the library’s home page, click on “Databases A-Z” under Find, then select “Ambrose Digital” or click on the link (Ambrose Video) I’ve provided below (on-campus computers only). Enjoy!

Ambrose Video