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Update (9/25/12, 2:52 p.m.)
The library’s fire alarm system will be tested between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. on Wednesday, September 26. The alarm could sound for several minutes. You do not have to leave the building.

Update (9/25/12, 10:18 a.m.)
Repercussions from the steam pipe bursting are still being felt throughout the library. Blackboard is down, and network outages—including wireless—are possible throughout the day.

Update (9/25/12, 7:52 a.m.):
The SDSU Library is open!

Update (9/25/12, 6:44 a.m.):
The library’s Website is back online! No official word yet whether we’re opening at 7 a.m. as planned.

This week started off with a roar and a bang. Around 3:00 p.m. today, the fire alarm sounded, and the SDSU Library was evacuated. At first we thought it was just another false alarm. Then we saw the smoke and thought it really was a fire. As it turns out, a steam pipe burst at Love Library near the Open Air Theatre. Soooo, the library is closed for the remainder of Monday, September 24. We’re hoping the pipe will be fixed tonight and the library can reopen tomorrow at 7 a.m. The library’s Website is down right now, so check for updates. Let’s hope the remainder of the week is less exciting!


In case you missed the opening ceremony for the Wells Fargo Financial Markets Laboratory today, I’ve shared a few photos below. Enjoy!

Outside Love Library before the ceremony

Outside Love Library, waiting for the opening ceremony to begin.

Ribbon cutting ceremony

(Left to right) Dean Gale Etschmaier, Provost Nancy Marlin, Stephen Cushman, and Marjorie Cushman.

Alan Andrade and Harold K. Brown

Alan Andrade, associate director of development, speaks with Harold K. Brown before the opening ceremony

Dean Gale Etschmaier

Gale Etschmaier, dean of the SDSU Library and Information Access, addresses the audience during the opening ceremony.

Mayor Jerry Sanders and Michael R. Cunningham

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders gives a proclamation to Michael R. Cunningham, dean of SDSU’s College of Business Administration.

Wells Fargo Financial Markets Laboratory

The Wells Fargo Financial Markets Laboratory is now open in the SDSU Library!

Door to the Financial Markets LabSomething pretty spectacular is taking place this week in one of the old BATS classrooms (LL261) in the SDSU Library.  Created through a collaboration between the College of Business Administration, Wells Fargo, and the SDSU Library, the Wells Fargo Financial Markets Laboratory is opening on September 21, and it promises to revolutionize the way professors teach finance and financial literacy.

Inside the Financial Markets Lab

The former BATS classroom, which is down a short hallway on the west side of the Student Computing Center,  contained rows of computers and was used by the campus ITS Department to teach basic computer skills to students, faculty, and staff. The old PCs are gone now, replaced by 12 Bloomberg terminals and the Wharton financial database and augmented by a stock ticker and monitors displaying worldwide financial news.

Inside the Financial Markets Lab The lab will offer students from all over campus the skills that are increasingly required to ensure their competitiveness for the current and future job market. It will function as a library resource as well as a classroom where students and faculty will retrieve, process, and analyze real-time economic and financial data.

More information:
Financial Markets Lab Coming to Library

September 11 Rememberance Ceremony, from the 4th floor of Love Library

The September 11 Remembrance Ceremony, taken from a 4th floor window of Love Library.

ROTC cadets from the Army, Navy, and Air Force were in formation at the flagpole on Campanile Walkway. At 11 a.m., the flag was lowered to half-mast, and a lone trumpeter played TAPS.

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