Every now and then, I search “sdsu library” on Twitter. The results are usually both amusing and enlightening. Here’s a sample from the past week, copied just the way they appeared (minus name and Foursquare info):

    it feels so odd to be working in the SDSU library right now. it’s been a while.

    True life: my vacation home is love library.

    girl in the #SDSU library talking (LOUD) about how she just got diagnosed with ovary cysts….wow this school sometimes

    Late night studying. Unfortunately this is the only place I’ve discovered I’ll actually STUDY.

    Love being at the sdsu library especially at night. Def not creepy………..

    See “The Rescuers” exhibit from http://moralcourage.sdsu.edu/index.htmlsdsu.edu/index.html @SDSU Love Library till Nov 24

    If I had a foursquare account, I’d probably be the mayor of Love Library

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