November is National Novel Writing Month, and you have until midnight on November 30 to complete your 50,000-word masterpiece. “OMG,” you say, “How do I even get started?” Here’s a few ways the SDSU Library can help kick start your literary career:

1. Need an idea for a story? Some authors find ideas in current news stories. Our Current Periodicals and Microforms Center has newspapers from around the country and across the globe, as well as magazines such as Time, Newsweek, National Geographic, People, and many more. Writers also get inspiration from other writers; check out our selection of novels and short stories located on the 4th floor of Love Library.

2. Now you have your idea, but how do you construct a novel? Below are a few books on writing from our shelves that will help you to organize your thoughts and ideas and structure your novel:

3. The bulk of your novel is written…great! But you have a few paragraphs that seem awkward. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone read over it and offer suggestions? You might find that someone in the library’s new Tutoring Center, located in Room LA1103 under the Dome. The tutors won’t proofread or edit your work, but they can offer suggestions on how to improve your writing and point out where your weaknesses lie.

4. It’s done! Now you have several options. You can share your novel with your friends, find an agent to help you get it published, or publish it yourself. And we have information on that end of the book industry as well:

Good luck! We hope to see your novel on our shelves someday!