automatic coffee machine in the SDSU LibraryShe can’t make clever, swirling designs in the foam of your latte, but she is on the job 24-hours a day, seven days a week, dispensing hot java to bleary-eyed, late-night library patrons.

In case you haven’t met “her” yet, she’s the automatic coffee machine that was installed earlier this semester in the 2nd floor hall between the dome and the 24/7 Study Area, just next to the vending machines. From what I hear, she does a brisk business. Black coffee, latte, cappuccino, short espresso, and even hot chocolate are her specialties, and she dispenses her steaming beverages for a cool $1.50. She may not be Starbucks, but she’ll taste awfully good at 2 a.m. when you’re running out of steam and you have two more hours of research to do!

The library doesn’t operate the coffee machine; an outside vendor owns and maintains it. An email address and telephone number are provided on the machine’s instruction panel if you have suggestions or need a refund.