We like to think that our patrons come to the SDSU Library to study, to explore intellectual avenues, to view and discuss the artwork or attend one of our many cultural or literary events. And many do. But we don’t kid ourselves, at least those of us who periodically plug “sdsu library” into Twitter seach. Here’s a sampling from the week of September 20-24:

    @SDSU making love in the love library 🙂

    The SDSU library security enforcer is always dressed nicely in uniform.

    I just checked in at SDSU Love Library on #Yelp and earned the Rookie badge!

    spending so much time in the SDSU library is making me miss the awesomeness of ISU’s…there is no place to nap here

    The only barrier between the SDSU library and the Open Air Theatre is window. Cannot wait to hear @wearephoenix perform tonight!

    doing hw in the chamber of secrets (aka the sdsu library)

And thank you, I’ll let the security guard know that he’s a spiffy dresser!