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The Desert Peach, by Donna Barr

This illustration of “The Desert Peach” is one of the many extraordinary works Donna Barr has donated to the library.

So you’re attending Comic-Con. You were wowed by Scott Pilgrim vs. the World; you checked out the engine in the Green Hornet’s car; you could swear you saw Bruce Willis hanging out with some stormtroopers; and you’ve bought enough new comic books to paper the walls of Hogwarts…four times over. Closing night is Sunday, and you feel like you’re just getting started, like you need…more. Well, my friend…there’s still a lot to see, and it’s not all at Comic-Con.

The SDSU Library has a fantastic collection of comic books, graphic novels, zines, and science fiction. Housed in Special Collections, many of these works are first editions or original artwork by such notable authors and artists as Donna Barr, Dave Bort, Greg Bear, and Roberta Gregory. Special Collections doesn’t have Jedi Knights, but they do have knowledgeable, enthusiastic librarians who can introduce you to some phenomenal works. Catch the next starship (trolley) to the SDSU campus and prepare to be amazed all over again!

SDSU Library booth at Comic-Con, 2006

Did you know that, several years ago, the SDSU Library had a booth at Comic-Con? In this photo, library assistant Jossie Chavez and author/artist Donna Barr discuss our collections with Comic-Con participants.

More information:

Donna Barr’s blog: The Midnight Library

Here’s a nice article Donna penned about the SDSU Library and Comic-Con (thanks, Donna!): Casting Off And Out To Sea

SDSU Library at Comic-Con in 2006

Donna Barr Collection 1963-2006 in Special Collections

Elizabeth Chater Collection of Science Fiction

West Coast Zines

Comics Collection


empty display cases
but just wait a month! In August, we’ll be installing a women’s studies exhibit, and in September, a Chicano studies display. Special Collections will be filling their display cases as well with items from the Mark Twain exhibit. Updates about the exhibits and events held in conjunction with them will be posted here and on our Facebook and Twitter sites.

Do you know why Cowles Mountain was once referred to as “S” Mountain? Did you know that the rarest species of pine tree in the United States grows only in San Diego and on Santa Rosa Island?

library exhibit

There’s certainly a lot I don’t know about San Diego, and I bet the same goes for you. In case you’re curious and would like to learn more, the SDSU Library’s reference librarians have assembled an informative exhibit titled “From Sand to Mesa to Sea: San Diego in Reference.” This exhibit features resources relating to the San Diego region and covers everything from history to geology to culture to potential jobs. San Diego resources–from guides to the Torrey Pines State Reserve, through San Diego trivia, to the municipal code–are organized on two bookshelves between the reference desk and the NRA Packages mural. Drop by and take a look. And please ask questions.

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