Library video game consoleIf you’ve clicked on Google today, you were treated to its Pac-Man-themed logo, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Atari’s Pac-Man. You can even click on the logo or select the “Insert Coin” button and play a game (use your keyboard’s arrow keys to move Pac-Man). But I bet you didn’t know that the library has a place for you to play Pac-Man, and you don’t even need a game token.

On the second floor of Love Library, on the opposite side of the south wall from the Student Computing Center, is a console featuring vintage Atari 2600 games. It’s free, and every day features a different game from the 1980s:

      Monday – Donkey Kong
      Tuesday – Pac Man
      Wednesday – Frogger
      Thursday – Centipede
      Friday – Asteroids
      Saturday – Space Invaders
      Sunday – Defender

computer displayOn both ends of that second floor hallway are display cases featuring computer-related items donated to the SDSU Library by Coleman College. It’s pretty neat stuff. The video game display contains several early advertisements for Pac-Man. Take a look at the “portable” display. Imagine carting one of those laptops to class!