Copy Services…that the library has a place where you can make copies (including color!), print posters and banners, and send faxes? No? Well, let me introduce you to Copy Services!

Copy Services is located on the west end of the first floor of Love Library in Room 146, just past the Current Periodicals and Microforms Center. This is your one-stop shop for printing just about anything. Here’s a few of the services they offer:

  • Wide format printing
  • Faxing (send and receive)
  • Lamination
  • Transparencies
  • Assistance with printing, formatting, and setup of printing and copying projects

Listen, the next time you need nice clean copies of the presentation you have to give in one hour, you can (a) drive off-campus and stand in line at a copy shop and pray that the person ahead of you in line isn’t mailing five large packages of fragile items to Latvia and has to fill out a mountain of paperwork, or (b) you can drop by the library’s Copy Services between classes and talk with Michael McGovern and his staff about your printing needs. They’ve got lists of services and prices you can take with you; get one and tack it on your refrigerator door so you won’t forget all the cool things these folks can do for you!