…and your professors. Have you heard of the Vince Meades Sheet Music Collection? You haven’t? Okay, then, listen up!

Vince Meades

Vince Meades hard at work in the Special Collections stacks

The Vince Meades Sheet Music Collection was donated to the SDSU Library by—who else?—Vince Meades, who spent many years assembling this collection before kindly donating it to Special Collections in 1998. The collection contains around 58,000 sheet music titles, and it literally grows by the week…Vince is the gift-er who keeps on giving. Vince continues to comb estate sales, garage sales, and antique stores for plum pieces, and he spends several mornings a week at Special Collections, sorting and cataloguing his recent acquisitions. He’s built this collection into one of the largest sheet music collections on the West Coast, and certainly the most impressive!
sheet music
So, musicians, are you looking for a piece by the Beatles? We’ve got it. A Broadway musical or the theme from Jaws? Yep, got those, too. If it was printed between 1835 and now, we probably have it. But if you can’t find the sheet music you’re looking for listed in the catalog, ask Vince…it just may be in the box of new gems he’s brought in that morning!

Vince Meades Sheet Music Collection
Vince Meades
Spring 2006 The Dome article about the collection