celebration of kid's booksWe’re usually pretty adult around here. We’re quiet. We often study in solitude. We lose ourselves in our research and Internet usage, letting the hours slip by in blissful anonymity. And most of us who frequent this building are 18 and older. But that wasn’t the case today.

Today, we were invaded by a horde of red T-shirted three- and four-year olds. And their parents. And their teachers from the SDSU Children’s Center. And faculty from SDSU’s Children’s Literature Program and the National Center for the Study of Children’s Literature. And, to top it off, SDSU President Stephen Weber! Whew! And it was noisy. And busy. And totally rambunctious. And a whole heckuva lot of fun!

The first stop was the “A Is for Art” exhibit in the library’s Donor Hall. This exhibit is coordinated by the SDSU Children’s Center Board and contains artwork created individually and collectively by children at the SDSU Children’s Center.

The party then moved upstairs to the 4th floor of Love Library, where the children’s literature section is housed, for the Celebration of Kid’s Books. The National Center for the Study of Children’s Literature donated scores of new board books, novelty books, and picture books to the SDSU Children’s Center, and it was during this ceremony that the kids received the books. They also listened to storytelling by A.K. Jones, and I can promise you that it wasn’t only the kids who were worried about the fate of The Runaway Bunny! Kudos for the folks who organized this event–librarian Linda Salem and Professor Alida Allison–and to everyone else who pitched in to make this a fun and educational occasion for the children and their parents!

Books from the library’s children’s literature section can be checked out by anyone with library privileges. Stop by the children’s section and revisit a childhood favorite or get acquainted with a new release!

See the action on our Flickr photostream!