Several weeks ago, there were numerous reports in the media about whether or not Love Library would collapse should San Diego experience a major earthquake. When I arrived on campus this morning, I was pleased to see it was still standing tall and not reduced to a pile of rubble. Granted, the epicenter of Sunday’s 7.2 magnitude earthquake was 100+ miles from campus. However, a number of buildings around San Diego sustained damage, such as broken windows, stuck elevators, and cracked water pipes, while it appears that Love Library escaped with nary a scratch. So far, 60+ books were damaged, while many others tumbled from the top shelves on the fifth floor. Fortunately, no one was standing beneath them to break their fall.

The library at the Imperial Valley Campus also weathered the quake well, though being closer to the epicenter, it was shaken much worse. Some shelving was toppled, and a lot of books fell from the shelves. Librarian Bill Payne sent us some photographs from his phone, which I’m including at the bottom of this post.

Books can be reshelved and furniture placed upright; most importantly, no one was injured, and for that we are grateful.