Mark LesterToday “marks” the end of an era at the SDSU Library. For the last 30 years, Mark Lester has been a fixture (albeit a mobile fixture) in this library. He began his tenure here as a student assistant in the 1970s and has served in many staff positions since, his last being director, access, administrative operations and communication. Today is his last day of full-time employment at the library. It’s a day many of us thought we’d never see, as Mark’s dedication to the library is legendary. He loathes even taking sick days…I’ve seen him at his desk suffering from the flu or a bad cold on many occasions.

True to form, Mark plans to ease into retirement; after Easter, he will return on a part-time basis to oversee the library’s administrative functions. I’m glad. Mark probably knows more about this library than anyone else…its history, its people, its functions, and its mission. The absence of that much knowledge would create quite a void. And personally, I’m pleased that we’ll see him several times a week. I would miss his sense of humor, his penchant for bad puns, and his kind words. (I’m hoping he’ll miss the pranks I’ve pulled on him a little!) So here on this blog, it’s Mark Lester Day…a day for fond memories of Mark, a day to celebrate his many achievements, and a day to wish him well in his upcoming post-library life!

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