I hope you’ve had a chance to visit our “SDSU from A to Z” exhibit in the Donor Hall. We’re nearly halfway through SDSU Month, so don’t delay too long or you’ll miss it! If you have taken a look at the exhibit and enjoyed the photographs of SDSU in its infancy…and the funny way everyone dressed back then…well, we have more than 11,000 more photos for you to check out online!

Several years ago, librarian Lisa Lamont and several student assistants spent many, many hours slaving over a hot scanner to digitize University Archives’ collection of SDSU-related photographs (there’s more to come, as the collection contains more than 30,000 images). The end result is a really nice Website where you can search for images and read descriptions of each one (after you double click on a photo, see the menu that pops up on the lower right side). So have fun exploring…the past is only a click away!